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The Ptolemaion library in Athens

The Ptolemaion library is dated from the late 2nd c. B.C.E. It is the oldest securely attested library in Athens. Located in one of the main gymnasia of the city, it was intimately linked to the ephebic training and philosophical education, which made Athens famous at that time.

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Hellenistic Rhodes and its library

Rhodes was a major cultural and artistic centre during the Hellenistic period, attracting many Greek and Roman notables. The city was adorned with monuments and institutions emphasizing this prestige, such as its public library.

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  • Hellenistic Athens
  • Hellenistic Rhodes

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  • Hellenistic and early Imperial Cos
  • Hellenistic Tauromenion
  • Roman Delphi
  • Roman Patras

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The three eras have voluntarily been widely defined, in order to facilitate the reading of the map leading to the studied sites. Each map includes different civilisations.