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This is an informative website. Its purpose is to present resources from four partner institutions linked to the ethnographic missions described on the site. The scientific texts published on these pages were valid on the date of their publication and represent only the views of the researchers who wrote them. None of the information or documents posted online possesses, nor should it be interpreted as possessing, any contractual value. The Center for Ethnology and Comparative Sociology accepts no responsibility for the contents of the site or for any use that might be made of it.

This website contains various resources on ancient libraries : descriptive pages of ancient sites and establishments, images and scientific analyses.

The articles and notes presented in this website are valid on their publishing date. Each author is responsible for one’s contributions’contents.

We keep the right to modify the contents of this website at any time and without notice.

The institutions funding the project (Labex Pasts in the Presentand ArScAn UMR 7041) decline all responsibility on the contents of this site and its possible uses.

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Copyright of the images

The iconographic resources released on the website retain their own copyright, which is available in their integrated IPTC metadata.

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